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Education  with the  Highest of  Standards


    Kids First Always  

       -Hire the credentialed specialists (STEM)

       -Invest in literacy programs

       -Improve school security

       -Create a supportive, innovative community


      -Give them total transparency

      -Encourage them to have a say in the children's education

      -Ensure their kids are safe while at school



     -Collaborate effectively

     -Make sure they have all the resources  that they need


    Why I am running

    My wife and I were drawn to RSF for its small-town feel, admirable history and excellent school for our family. We had looked at other private schools, and came to the conclusion that this was the best school for our daughter. The focus not only on academics but on expanding each child’s social abilities — developing kindness, respect and learning the discipline to achieve their personal best were attractive qualities that made R. Roger Rowe a standout. Plus the heart and soul that so many parents were willing to put into the school in volunteer hours and coordinated appreciation lunches and gifts for the teachers showed the level of excellence the parents wanted to put into the school. It was clear that everyone wanted to keep it functioning at its highest, happiest, “best practice” level.


    Yet as important as maintaining excellence over time is critical to our Rancho Santa Fe  community, we have seen some changes and our school has faced difficulties in recent years.  These have challenged the traditional peace and high level of achievement R. Roger Rowe has traditionally been renowned for. The direction that this has been taking the school, amplified by significant layoffs and cutbacks in 2018, has put a divide in our school. One that needs to be recognized and attended to with improved communications, foresight and cooperation…and increased confidence-building leadership.  With my strong background in all of these elements, I will drive to build solutions that work for all. I am confident that we can get back on track and create a healthier environment for every layer of the school — administration, faculty and students. We must respectfully address all voices, teachers’ concerns, parent and student expectations, administrative needs and do what we can to make all voices feel heard. Progress begins with recognizing the challenges and then addressing them with fresh methods and leadership. My successful record of creating strong teams, putting the correct resources in place and fostering motivation to reach the highest level of excellence can foster the ambiance of cooperation and inspiration we need back at R. Roger Rowe. Boosting  R. Roger Rowe back up on top to the level of excellence that has made this school so special is the goal that can and will be achieved. 


    Growing up playing sports in the rugged outdoors of the South Lake Tahoe area, I learned several things early: That success doesn’t come without significant commitment and dedication to excellence;  A winning score doesn’t come without a lot of proper preparation and teamwork; Lessons are taught every time you step on the field if you are willing to observe and learn;  And the difference between “good” and “excellence” can boil down to keen observation, skillful follow up and implementation.


    This was never more true than when I graduated from high school and joined the Marine Corps where I proudly served for eight years from 1996-2004. Teamwork and loyalty were the gold standard there. Appointed to the rank of  Sergeant  I was in charge of hundreds of young Marines ingrained in me the confidence and negotiation skills needed to get everyone moving in the same direction, with the same goals, despite our very different backgrounds.  Unrelenting challenges to courage and strategic thinking may have led to multiple medals and awards, for which I am grateful, but the true reward for my efforts was the respect of my comrades and the inner pride of having contributed to a higher good. 


    Rounding out my early career years was the adventure and additional challenge of working in different cultures internationally as a contractor for the next eight years. And in 2007, I discovered a new challenge and passion in working with and training horses. The nonverbal cooperation and communication with these magnificent animals draws on intuitive perceptions and judgments that I find rewarding and inspiring. So much so that I now own and manage an 85 year old ranch here in Rancho Santa Fe where I board, train and show horses.


    Get to know me and you will know the strength of my dedication to making R. Roger Rowe the absolute best it can be. You will find that I am eager to hear whatever is important to you as parents or staff and that I will work earnestly and effectively as I have throughout my life to bring top results and excellence.



          (619) 218-9470

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